I don't care How Many wives Curren Price has!

Statement from Jorge Nuño, candidate for Council District 9 and holder of LA Times Endorsement.

I am not concerned about how many marriages Curren Price is involved in, that is between him and his wife. What does concern me is the independent expenditure from the developers of The Reef and why that is only coming to light two days before voters go to the polls. Given the community’s outrage over how The Reef was ‘fast tracked’, or rammed through, it is inconceivable that Councilmember Price would accept money from the developers to the tune of $88,000. It reeks of ‘pay to play’ politics and is a slap in the face to the coalition of community organizations and the residents of CD9 who demanded full disclosure and transparency throughout the process.”

“Moreover, Councilmember Price was given ample opportunity to state his case before the community at a community forum attended by 200+ residents and organized by the CD9 Community Coalition, including: All People’s Community Center, A Place Called Home, Brotherhood Crusade, Central Avenue Business Association, CD Tech, Central Alameda Neighborhood Association, Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, CFRC, L.A.U.R.A., LA Neighborhood Land Trust, Nuevo South, PVJOBS, SAJE, South Central Neighborhood Council, St. Johns Wells Child and Family Center, T.R.U.S.T. South LA and Vermont Slauson Economic Development.

Instead of meeting with 200+ engaged residents, Councilmember Price attended a private ‘coffee’ with fifteen of his supporters in a private home on the opposite side of the district.”

My question is this: what is Councilmember Price afraid of? Why didn't he come before his constituents and talk about his ongoing relationship to The Reef? And why would the developers feel obligated to take the extraordinary step of funneling $88,000 (more than 7x what the average person in CD9 earns in a year!) in the form of an independent expenditure to his reelection campaign?”